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BL Special Edition | Nicholas Sechaud (Sunday May 11)


Next Sunday May 11 & Tuesday May 13, we will be having Nicholas Sechaud on BeatLounge Radio, with a fantastic 3 hours mix. Nicholas was also kind enough to answer a few questions for our Exclusive Interview!


01. If you had to define yourself as a DJ within a particular style/genre, which would you say represents you best?
I will go beyond the Genre, Style witch I like more to give emotions toward the public that I have as an Audience.

02. What type of DJ do you think you are? The type that mixes short and to the point sets? or long and winding ones?
Well I like all kind of mixes as I am from the “old school”. Going by cut short long phasing mixes within acapellas.

03. Do you have any selection process/method when selecting tracks for your sets? and if so, how does it work?
Yes, I go mostly with the style of the song or family of it.

04. We know that you have lived around the world (Italy, Brazil, Spain, Greece, Canada, Egypt, USA) Could you tell us how this cultural mix has shaped you?
Actually being born In Germany and coming from parents born in South and North Vietnam in addition to having a Vietnamese grandmother, growing up in EU and Canada shaped me much earlier than before I became a full professional at the music scene.

05. In your sets we can listen to a lot of ethnic sounds, is this due exclusively to them being played in Dubai?
No most of my DJ residencies like 3 years 1/2 f at Dar el Yacout (Royal Moroccan Palace) in Milan & Marrakech or Villa Mercedes, Cafe Savannah or my sunsets at Cafe Mambo in Ibiza or my residency at Virgin Radio Istanbul with Claude just suit me for what I am and what I play.

06. Within your music selection, there’s also Tango. Is this a genre you use much?
Well you’ve received only a fraction of what I was inspired at that moment but I can be very eclectic as I am a world citizen.

07. Are there any genres in particular that you listen to at home when you are not working? or are you one of those who are constantly searching for sounds related to your “field of study”?
Well i like to be IBN BATTUTA (1304-1369) of my own music kingdom and not having any genre but more by moods of what I listen to when I am not playing.

08. One of the classic rules for club DJ’s, is the knowledge of the dance floor to evaluate the public’s response to each track, in your case, being a DJ that spins at cocktails, dinner parties, sunsets, etc … what is your gauge?
Those rules apply as well in the process to keep all the people tuned to what you’re pulling out of your sets. No matter if it’s a dinner Aperitivo time, sunsets or parties I would think even more than just applied to the dance floor.

09. Is there still a place where you have not played yet and wish you could?
Yes indeed in L.A ;-)

10. A message for our BeatLounge audience please?
Hear the voice memo;-)



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