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BeatLounge Official Sponsor of the upcoming Ryan Farish “Destiny Summer Tour 2014”

BeatLounge Official Sponsor of the upcoming Ryan Farish “Destiny Summer Tour 2014”

All of us at BeatLounge Radio are extremely happy to announce that we will be one of the Official Sponsors for the upcoming Ryan Farish ” Destiny Summer Tour 2014, to be announced soon!

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01. Ryan, we checked out “Destiny”, your latest album, it’s admirable. Tell us a bit about the production and editing process.
Thanks, DESTINY was really an enjoyable album to create… I collaborated with vocalists from all over the world, Marié Digby and Ilana are in Los Angeles, Natalie Orlie in Ukraine, Andrea Godin and Jody Quine in Canada, and Tiff Lacey in the UK, so that part was really a lot of fun.

02. There are some excellent collaborations in Destiny, how was it to work with Tiff (Lacey) or – for example – Tim Angrave’s remix?
Tiff is great, we have done several songs together, “Little Ray”, “Upon a Dream”, “Fire Inside”… it’s really quite effortless to work with her, I think we must hear music in a similar way. Also, Tim is great, I was very happy with the remix from Tim Angrave, he really put a nice ambient spin on “Round and Round”.

03. How do you think that the EDM scene in the USA has changed in the past few years?
Obviously it has grown, and I think that the popularity of EDM has really enabled even artists like myself who aren’t so mainstream as this point, to have a wider reach now and to be heard by more fans that are now tuned into the entire spectrum of Electronic Music.

04. How do the CHILL and the EDM side live within you? Do they generate some kind of conflict, or are you able to comfortably and easily enough work on both genres separately?
I love many genres of music, including classical and Bluegrass… so I just make the type of music I feel like making at the time I sit down to create and write songs… there is really never any conflict, it’s much more of a freeing process to just create what you feel like creating…but, for instance Trance and Chillout musically are very similar, they are both much like the format of just beautiful songs, in fact some of my trance songs begin as ballads, and vice versa.

05. Do you think that there will be any exclusives for our BeatLounge audience during the Destiny Tour?
Maybe, any ideas? ;0)

06. How do you think your older fans, that have been following you since your ‘chillout’ days, react to your somewhat newer EDM side?
Well the fans that go with me back to the beginning, know that I’ve been making EDM since my early days on… songs like Windjammer, Angel, etc are trance. When I got my first record contract, it was my chill out music that was signed, so that’s why I guess that side of my music “seems” more popular commercially, although my albums LIFE IN STEREO, and my latest single “Love in the Air” are my most popular songs right now.

07. What’s in store for Ryan Farish in the future? Any plans that you could reveal?
More music… more live shows… and more collaborations.

08. A message for your BeatLounge Radio followers please.
I really appreciate everyone who tunes into “Chasing the Sun” and for the support you’ve given the mixes on Beatport as well. I hope that my schedule will allow me to create more mixes for you all later this year.

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