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MikeDbeatsByD Special Edition – BL Chill Channel (Monday, Sept. 8)

MikeDbeatsByD Special Edition – BL Chill Channel (Monday, Sept. 8)

MikeDbeatsbyD Special Edition (Sept. 08) by Beatlounge Radio on Mixcloud

1) How do you see the electronic music scene in the US today and what’s in store for the future?
I’m loving the progression of the underground downtempo artists here in the States. One artist for example that is making some good music is “SpectraMinors”.  Now, EDM is taking the US by storm and seems to be the flavor of the month. Hopefully us, chilled beatmakers, will see our day!

2) Please explain what MikeDbeatsbyd is all about: Artist, DJ, Producer…all of the above?
MikeDbeatsbyD is about good, chilling, laid back, mood music. As a beatmaker I feel I found my niche with chilled type beats. A lot of the beats have hints of hip hop, samples to trap to trip hop. I call my beats “Something for the chillsters”. Pretty much a party of sounds in your ear.

3) Your mix for BeatLounge Radio contains a lot of remixes, is this something that you are focused on mainly?
Remixes are fun. It’s kinda like you putting your twist on someone’s master piece. A lot of times I feel uncomfortable releasing them just because some of the mixes are so hard to top the original.

4) What gear do you use in your studio and what is your criteria when it comes to creating a track?
Right now I’m in a transition mode on equipment, so at the moment I’m using FL studios, Acid, Sonar, and Reason for my daw’s. I’m trying to master the maschine mk2.

5) What would you recommend any aspiring or beginner producer?
Never get too comfortable using the same sounds, especially with drums. And don’t get discouraged!

6) Have you ever played at some event that you remember above all others and why?
Yes…. I was invited to a beat battle in Houston Texas (about 4 hours south of Dallas). The guy I was battling had some really bad beats. When it was my turn, I obviously had the better sounds, but being from Dallas the judges showed me no love. They sent us to a battle off round. I put on a Coldplay sampled beat that floored the crowd. My opponent put on your typical rap beat and won. At the end of our battle between rounds I was told if I was from Houston I would’ve won it. Oh well, I chalked it up as a win in my book!

7) A message for our listeners around the Globe please:
Thanks Beat lounge Radio for using my mix! I’m loving the tunes on the chill radio. I’ve discovered a bunch of new artist on here. If you enjoy my mix, then give a Texas Kid a listen at soundcloud. I’m always updating it with good stuff. Also give my bro’s from Honor Roll Gang some love, I don’t think I’ve ever been associated with more of a talented group of individuals as this one!



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