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FLUNK, Next Monday, July 7th we will have the fantastic Norwegian electronic band as guest on BeatLounge Radio!

Flunk is formed by producer Ulf Nygaard, guitarist Jo Bakke, drummer Erik Ruud, and vocalist Anja Oyen Vister. We took advantage of this opportunity and decided to ask Ulf a few questions :) Keep on reading to learn why they are not as big in Norway as we all imagined, if a new album is on the way and much more!

Thanks Ulf! :)
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Exclusive BL Interview

1) How do you see the electronic music scene in Norway today and what’s in store for the future?
I guess we have been a bit on the side for some years, actually. There is quite a lot happening on the DJ scene with the house people – Todd Terje, Prins Thomas etc, but it’s quite far from what we do. I guess I think there has been a lot of less interesting rock bands standing in the way for the electonic scene.
It will change, suddenly something really good will come up…

2) Does it weight for you to know that you’re one of the most prominent Norwegian electronic music artists to this day, at least Worldwide?
No, we are lucky to be working independently and does not feel any pressure. We are not big in any way in Norway, so we only notice the expectations when we tour. And honestly, it’s more like a boost. We would never be still making records with Flunk without our fantastic fans around the world!

3) Your mix for BeatLounge Radio begins with an unreleased track of one of our favorite classics “Creep”, reworked in such a magical way! Are you planning on ever releasing it?
We never finished it. This was years ago, I think for the ‘Morning Star’ album. We also did New Order’s ‘Dream Attack’. But I guess, we couldn’t do ‘all’ New Order songs in their catalogue. And – as I remember – ‘Creep’ didn’t work out the way we wanted, and anyway we did ‘Karma Police’ later.

Probably also it was because I went to a bar in Copenhagen at one point, and there was this guy entertaining with an accoustic guitar doing ‘Creep’, and I thought f***, everybody’s doing that song…

4) When you listen to older Flunk releases, FOR SLEEPYHEADS ONLY for example, do you find imperfections, wanting to change things or have them done in any different way, or you are completely pleased with the way it sounds after all these years?
This is a very good question. I guess we have become more skilled since we made the album, but most of the time when I listen to it, it makes me feel good. I put loads and loads of detail and samples into it over a long period of time, and though the sound sometimes seems – well, it is… – old, it still works, I think. We would never have made the ‘Sleepyheads’ album in the same way today. Today we have a ‘history’ and the process would be totally democratic… So imperfections: yes, a lot, but mostly feelgood…

5) What gear do you use in your studio and what is your criteria when it comes to creating a track?
We work in Logic, we all do stuff on our own, add stuff. Most of the time I make the basis, and then we build upon this. And also going into the studio together at one point. The criteria for me is that there is a ‘feel’ that works in the track, and that the chords are ‘nice’ and the words are right…

6) What would you recommend any aspiring or beginner producer?
Be open minded. Anyone can be good at doing things the right way, and a lot of people are doing it the right way. Don’t be perfect. But start off by copying your favourites and make your own sound from that!

7) Have you ever played at some event that you remember above all others and why?
The China tours have been amazing. Playing at Chop Suey in Seattle on our first US concert also was like a dream come true. Also, I think some of our shows in the last year have been amazing. Our fans are so dedicated, they know all the songs, and I think we have never been better live than we are now.

8) What is Flunk working on nowadays? any ‘inside secret’ news you can share with BeatLounge?
Well, not really. We are talking of a new album, but haven’t started yet. I am busy with my other project (electronic music with lyrics in Norwegian, Folk & Røvere), Jo and Erik and also our live bassist, Ole Kristian, have been involved in a band called Wholly Martin, and Anja is working on the own stuff off and on, like she has been since we started.
So I guess a new album next year!

9) A message for our listeners around the Globe please
Be nice, be good, only boring people are bored, sing your life. Or paint it or write it or play it. World peace has been called off, but let’s keep pretending!

24 June 2014 BL News

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