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Raphael Marionneau | Abstrait



Calm down. Come home. Relax. For more than 12 years, Raphaël Marionneau has been successfully slowing down his fans’ everyday lives. his relaxing club or cultural events – combined under the umbrella brand abstrait – and his work as a label owner, chillout- and radio-dj contrast the rapid changes of our multimedia epoch with a modern interpretation of slowness. The french-born soundpilot continues his mission. raphaël’s constant success shows: the multitalented abstrait mastermind has a sure feeling for “zeitgeist”. his projects are joined by one aim: “I call myself soundpilot, because I want to send people on a journey. no matter, whether I choose electronic or classical music, whether I am in a club or people listen to my compilations. I like them to relax and want to generate subtle emotions” says Raphaël. To reach this goal, his most important tool is an eclectic music mix merging ambient, chillout, downtempo, world music, electronica, lounge, balearic tunes and classical music. on top, raphaîl intensifies the effects of his abstract sound-world applying a distinctive visual language to be seen at events or on abstrait products. “being a professional designer, graphics and visuals are very important to me. in my opinion, music and images are closely connected. and i try to find images and designs that communicate the music and vice versa. music gives us the inspiration to dream – and i aim to find natural elements and abstract forms that symbolise those dreams without using kitsch or clichés.”


Nationality: France

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