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Nacho Sotomayor is an absolute artist who does not need a biography to present him. This jienense – and accidental native of ibiza by those capricious things of sound – is one of the most important electronic musicians – by vocation, devotion and trajectory of yesterday, today and always. When in Spain sounds with machines were hardly even concocted he was already shaping an unedited phenomenon still without a name – that would be later incorrectly fall under the term chillout – skilfully mingled with the ancestral sounds of flamenco, Eastern traditional folk and seminal Arab music registered and born in the proximity of Al-Andalus. But the work of pioneer Sotomayor goes much further, it moves between ambient, downtempo and electronic that far from stoning the classics – meaning other styles with better credit between musicologists – are incorporated skillfully growing it to the infinite. “I have never produced chillout”, he said a few days ago on his facebook wall. We already know that, Master, like also that without the loyal and talented artistic company of your brother Francisco nothing of this surely would have been possible. From the times of Intro, passing through “Dies Irae” – absolute masterpiece of the unedited fusion between flamenco and ambient – and to the international successes of its most important and vital sound project  “La Roca”, Nacho has counted with the support and encouragement of his soul mate in music. It is in this extensive and fascinating series of albums created throughout more than one decade of incessant work, in which Nacho Sotomayor shows us his synthetic dreaming with a natural reality without comparison, the one that gives us Es Vedra just by watching it at dusk, dawn, always.


Nationality: Spain

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